Black cats get spotlight from TAILS


One of TAILS black cats that has gone un-adopted during the month.

By Zachary Brictson

Black cats at the TAILS humane society for sheltered and adoptable animals are getting the spotlight this October.

Located at 2250 Barber Green Road, TAILS began the “Change Their Luck” campaign at the beginning of the month, lowering adoption fees for its black-furred felines.

“It’s an opportunity for them to find a home,” said Beth Drake, Executive Director of TAILS.

Whether it’s the result of superstitious stigma or color preference, Drake said that black cats being left over at adoption centers is unfortunately all too common of an issue.

“Instead of letting that happen, we want to celebrate our black animals,” Drake said.

Taking advantage of October’s Halloween theme, Drake said she hopes to find responsible owners for the animals, assuring that their black cats are as good as any other colored animal.

According to the organization’s website, TAILS utilizes an adoption process that aims to find the best possible match between an owner and pet.

Drake said they make sure to get to know the person first so that the pet is placed into good hands.

“It’s rare to have a potential pet owner walk into TAILS and leave empty-handed,” Drake said. “We adopt to all kinds of people.”

Austin Allen, junior computer science major, said he’s a huge cat lover and admires what TAILS is doing, even though his apartment won’t allow him to have pets.

“I think it sounds like a great way to find black cats a loving home.”