Don’t understand

There’s something I can’t understand. With everything going on in the world, homelessness, child abuse/molestation, domestic violence, entire ethnic cultures being herded like cattle and forgotten in parts of the country that aren’t even fit for prisoners, etc., why is so much time being wasted on such a trivial issue? I understand the need to know what kind of teachers there are available at Northern, but why not just ask friends. Word of mouth has always been more powerful than some survey. I just can’t understand why so much energy is being spent on something that can be easily solved. Why doesn’t the SA just send out their own survey and print out a publication themselves? They’re within their rights to do that; anyone is.

So now, back to the boycott. Does anyone out there realize that Proctor & Gamble admitted on national television that half of their profits go to the church of Satan? YES IT’S TRUE!!!! In front of millions of viewers they admitted this, yet you still buy their products. Why not boycott them?

My point is, with all the important things going on in the world, if you really want to rebel and boycott, find something that really has meaning, don’t just bitch because you can’t find out which classes you can pass easily, or worse yet, don’t do it JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS.


Barry Wolf