The Rant: The Bears need to get off the bus running

By Korey Peterson

Usually when something isn’t working right, it gets changed.

It’s time for the Bears to change it up, as they are not playing typical Chicago Bear football; a good defense supplemented by a running game that eats up the clock. The Seattle Seahawks played that game instead.

Chester Taylor came to the Bears this offseason and had just four rushes for 31 yards in the Seattle game, including a critical third-down conversion. That’s half as many carries and 20 more yards than Matt Forte.

The passing game of Mike Martz can work, but not without a competent running game. A 3:1 pass to run ratio is not balance. The Bears have two good backs that have big play ability, but they simply aren’t being given enough opportunities.

Jay Cutler’s body would surely welcome some balance.