Huskies wear yellow to band together

By Leah Spagnoli

On Monday, NIU students were told through Facebook to wear yellow to honor Antinette “Toni” Keller.

According to the Facebook event page, “while it is considered an optimistic, loud, and bright color, the yellow will also represent a cry for help that comes from all missing persons, and will bring attention to the perpetual issue of missing and exploited people.”

NIU also encouraged faculty, staff, students and community members to make ribbons and sign banners as well in order to promote the coming together of the Huskie family in the Gallery Lounge of the Holmes Student Center.

Around campus, students were showing their support by wearing anything yellow and sporting NIU black and red ribbons.

“It really could have been anyone. We all go to NIU, and I consider that to be a family where we should stick together,” said Matthew Cook, junior political science major. “We need to use the buddy system. I know it sounds dumb, but you never know.”

Students have also been vocal about the lack of information about updates to the case.

“I’m upset we aren’t getting enough information about what’s true or false,” said junior communications major Karina Herrera. “We need to know these things to figure out how to cope and protect ourselves.”