IBHE offers help

A new committee appointed by the Illinois Board of Higher Education may ease tuition pressures at NIU.

Law saves planet

A workshop to be held at the Hoffman Estates Education Center will address environmental law issues.

Troubled times

Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Miguel D’Escoto shared the crises going on in that country with an NIU audience Monday.

Funding fellowships

Ford Motor Company will award 55 fellowships to graduate minority students at colleges across the country.


Star columnist Pete Schuh expresses frustration with those people who take advantage of the younger generations’ money.

Huskies stomp Redbirds

In the most highly attended volleyball match of the season, NIU stomped ISU, coming from behind in several instances.

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How much longer?

Some state Republicans are claiming that Illinois Democrats will try to drag the Chicago schools situation out longer to lessen incumbent Gov. Edgar’s popularity.

Campus Calendar

The NIU Cooperative Education/Internship Program is holding a pre-event meeting for the Disney World recruiting presentation today at 4 p.m. For more events, see page 4.