Fraternity creates new philanthropy

By Grant Miller

Does your sorority or fraternity have philanthropy problems? The fraternity Phi Kappa Theta had some problems with philanthropy until recently.

The fraternity discovered this year their usual philanthropy organization, Little Brothers of the Poor, no longer existed. The fraternity was never informed of the organizations closure, and obviously did not have any backup plans for such an event.

“We called and were told the phone number was no longer in service,” said Grant Zemont, vice president of internal affairs. “And we went to their place in Rochelle and their building didn’t seem to be occupied.”

The fraternity never got any phone calls from the organization or the chairperson of the organization.

The fraternity moved fast in creating a new philanthropy program they hope will take off to a smooth start today. From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. today at Wal-Mart, Jewel and Eagle in DeKalb, fraternity members will be collecting change and giving out flags for The Opportunity House of Sycamore.

The Opportunity House is an organization designed to help the mentally disabled learn to work and live on their own, Zemont said. The organization currently employs the mentally disabled in doing clerical work as well as work in the organizations factory.

“It helps them live a normal life,” Zemont said. “They are shown how to do things for themselves like cook and take care of a house or apartment.”

Twenty percent of the money collected will go toward the Sycamore organization, the remainder will be spent in the upkeep of the fraternity’s new house on Greenbrier Road.

“Since this is our first year in this house we have a lot of bills we need to take care of,” Zemont said. “This year we have a bigger house, but we still have the same amount of people living here, which makes for bigger bills.”

Zemont said he hopes the fraternity will continue to work for the organization, either raising money or doing volunteer work. Zemont also said he hopes the fraternity can expand their philanthropy events to affect more of the NIU community.

“Today we are going to be at the stores on Sycamore Road, and we are going to be a little far from campus,” Zemont said. “I imagine we will hit some of the NIU community, but a lot of it I think will come from those living in the DeKalb area.”