Politicians should have Pritchard’s attitude

By Editorial Board

Although Illinois State Representative Robert Pritchard will run unopposed in the Nov. 2 elections, the Northern Star Editorial Board still feels that he represents the ideas and platform we can stand behind and endorse.

The proximity of Pritchard, who holds an office in Sycamore, puts him in tune with things NIU students feel are important.

While in sync with NIU students on several legislative items, we feel Pritchard is on the same page with most of Illinois citizens. He continually voices concern for the way Illinois politics work.

In addition to voicing concern, he often offers his own solution from his personal perspective.

Pritchard gives off a type of attitude this editorial board would like to see in many of this state’s politicians.

This would be an attitude of forward thinking as well as proactive planning instead of reactive solutions.

Another favorable aspect of Pritchard is his willingness to speak with citizens, answer e-mails and return calls. Of course, he’s not able to get to all of them at a moment’s notice, but he does an admirable job of being accountable to the tax payers of Illinois.

These are all things the Northern Star Editorial Board hold as valuable in a politician.

Political figures shouldn’t always have to speak on the most controversial topics, because many times those topics stay at a standstill, but they should always address the things that have a chance to be changed.

This is what Robert Pritchard represents, a politician that acts on the many needs of the people, rather than the few large ones.