Friday With: CAB President Byron Neal

Friday With: CAB President Byron Neal

By Ryan Chambers

You see them around campus, but who are our student leaders? Friday With gives readers a glimpse into the personalities of the men and women behind the suites and ties.

This week the Northern Star sat down with CAB President Byron Neal.

Northern Star: So Byron, tell me where you are from?

Byron Neal: I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One and Zero, go Packers!

NS: How did you end up here at Northern?

BN: Well, at my first college in Wisconsin, I played football and was a theatre major, but decided to transfer here for the theater program. But two years ago, I decided to change my major to business marketing and I guess that is how I found my way to NIU.

NS: Would you say that you have enjoyed your experience since you have been at NIU?

BN: I love it. Honestly, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve been given great opportunities and its fun. Some of the people I’ve met, I wouldn’t have met them if I wouldn’t have come here.

NS: What music are you listening to right now?

BN: I got a little Dorrough in there. I got to Get Big. (chuckles) I also have a little Kem in there as well, Why Would You Stay, a little Trey Songz, but I also have gospel. Have to stay balanced.

NS: Lets come back to business really quick. I know CAB has been doing a lot for students already, but what else do you have planned for the semester?

BN: Well actually, this Saturday we are teaming up with Student Association and we are taking a busload of students down to University of Illinois for the football game to beat Illini down in Champaign!

Next week we are teaming up with numerous organizations for Fall Fest, then after that [is] Homecoming.

NS: And lastly, If you had all the money in the world, what would be your ultimate dream program for Campus Activity Board?

BN: We would want national impact and national coverage, so I think we would reach out to [President] Barack Obama, have him come back to Illinois and give a speech here. We would get exposure not only regionally, but nationally and it would be something that people would remember forever.