Still rationalizing

In his Nov. 9 column, Kevin Lyons claims, “You can’t rationalize away reality,” yet the entire piece is an attempt to do just that.

Lyons states that “God, heaven, hell … (are) every bit as real as your tuition bill.” This is true only if you are an atheist nonstudent. There has never been any solid proof that God, heaven, or hell exists. Just because the ruling class designed a series of myths to terrorize people out of challenging its authority doesn’t make God, heaven, or hell real.

Lyons accepts his “lowly status in comparison to God,” and that he “can never measure up” to his master. I’m concerned about Lyons’ extreme self-hatred and guilt. These form the necessary foundation for Christianity because a person with little self confidence will not think critically about the Church’s positions or why it pushes them. Lyons’ comment that he doesn’t “really care about anything nearly as much as (he) care(s) about God” sounds like an attempt to rationalize away reality to me.

Incredibly, Lyons reveals that God gave him a column in the paper! Why is God directly responsible for all of humanities’ achievements, but when something goes wrong it’s always all our own faults? (For the answer, see the previous paragraph)

Finally, Lyons claims that where he is going (i.e. heaven) has nothing to do with his life-style, actions, etc. In other words, he’s not responsible for himself or his actions. He could rape women, shoot doctors, harass lesbians and gay men, or commit a thousand other heinous acts, but as long as he has faith in the Lord above, he’ll still get into heaven. How beautiful.

Despite all of my disagreement with Lyons, I do agree with one aspect of his column. Whether you’re a Christian or not, you do know where you’re going when you’re dead: buried in the ground or your ashes thrown to the wind!

Jace Krause