Top ten NIU

1. Big West Conference teams have 11 wins and 33 defeats against non-conference foes. Does NIU gain prestige as a member of such a weak conference?

2. NIU once had spirited rivalries with fellow Midwest teams. What idiot dreamed up “rivalries” with second-echelon schools from Arkansas and Louisiana and other schools 2,000 miles away?

3. Why only four home games this season?

4. NIU used to draw Homecoming crowds of 23,000 to 27,000. Why only 14,000 this year?

5. $12 tickets? Get real.

6. NIU wore cardinal jerseys at home games during the 60s, 70s and early 80s. Who decided to alienate the alumni by changing to black?

7. NIU’s football and basketball teams play in different conferences with none of the same opponents. How does that help build school identity and develop rivalries?

8. Why can’t NIU’s radio announcer just call the game as it happens instead of giving up long before the game’s over?

9. I sympathize with LeShon Johnson’s frustration at being under-recognized, but did anyone see his complaint about being “stuck at NIU” on ESPN last Saturday morning? Great positive national exposure for NIU! NIU’s reputation isn’t helped by such a reluctant ambassador.

10. The NIU administration needs to realize that because NIU is surrounded by Big Ten teams and Notre Dame, we’re never going to recruit many of the best football players. NIU is still not “Big Time” in athletics and never will be. NIU should go back to its roots as a Midwest school. NIU had many more loyal fans with what we were.

Paul W. Johnson

NIU Alumnus