Too good for them

‘m upset to hear that we are still being courted by the Missouri Valley Conference. Let’s go with the facts.

We have a Heisman trophy candidate among us. He was written up in Sports Illustrated. Congratulations, LeShon. I wonder if Jim Hart got an article in Sports Illustrated when he played for SIU. Johnson was rated *2 in the nation by the Chicago-Sun Times just last Saturday. Number two is a good place for him to sit, at least until the last week or until the final votes take place. He’ll have to run to at least Echo Park from now on, that’s where the goal posts are supposed to be.

Have you seen any of the logos for the Missouri Valley Conference? They don’t match up to us even in the Art Department. We all saw the Salukis logo. Looked like some sort of squirrels. Let’s face it, the designers of the conference logo are still playing with negative space. We learn that in Drawing 1 or to non-art majors, Art 100.

These two facts are good enough for me to protest being in the MVC. I still say Big 10 or independence, but the Big West is a good stepping stone to get to the big destination.

Ken Kosellce