Information needed on 12 dumpster fires

By Sarah Raila

DeKALB | Police are currently looking for information on the 12 DeKalb dumpster fires that occurred in the last two weeks of August.

Sgt. Jason Leverton of the DeKalb Police Department said the charges for someone starting the fires, technically, would be arson. He also said it would be a serious felony or at the least a criminal charge.

During one of the dumpster fires, a few cars parked by the dumpster caught fire, causing property damage, Leverton said.

“When you see an increase in the amount of dumpster fires, it is believed that is someone or a group of people doing an intentional malicious prank,” said DeKalb Fire Chief Bruce Harrison. “Or it could be people just trying to vandalize something.”

The fires have occurred on various blocks in the DeKalb area. Some of these include the 900, 1000 and 1500 blocks of West Lincoln Highway, the 800 and 900 blocks of West Hillcrest Drive and six other blocks.

“People that do this kind of thing like to brag about it to others,” Leverton said. “They feel they get glory out of doing it.”

To report information on the DeKalb dumpster fires citizens can call the DeKalb Police Department at 815-748-8400 or DeKalb Fire Department at 815-748-8460.