Stylistic Vision to debut in time for fall fashion

By Ryan Chambers

At NIU, fashion and entertainment are two aspects of campus life that are often overlooked. A new organization, Stylistic Vision, is hoping to fill that void.

After struggling to find a point of focus last year, President Bryan Ray, sophomore undecided major, and Vice President Rebecca Johnson, business marketing major, are putting together something that has never been done at NIU.

“Basically… Stylistic Vision is, is an online fashion and entertainment magazine that caters to college students,” Ray said.

Stylistic Vision will be based solely online.

“We will only release two print issues during the school year, one for the fall and one for the spring semester,” Johnson said. “We really want students to get used to going to the website and getting information they are looking for.”

The website will feature in-depth content relating to fashion, beauty and grooming and entertainment with a focus on visuals, she said.

“The website will be full of pictures and images so that our readers can actually see what is going on around campus,” Johnson said.

One of the pluses of having an organization based online is the convenience. Readers no longer have to wait to get new content, Ray said.

“We wanted to do an online magazine so that our subscribers can constantly stay updated with whatever is going on with the organization whenever they log onto the website,” he said.

The website is still under construction, but will be finished within the next few weeks.

Stylistic Vision was recognized by the Student Association Senate at its April 18 meeting.

Some people are looking forward to seeing what the magazine will bring to the table this year.

“It is definitely innovative,” said Deldric Henderson, president of the Black Student Union. “They are doing something here that has never been done before, and I am looking forward to seeing the website, as well as the organization, around this campus for a long time.”