1 Vs. 100 on its way to XBOX 360


My life was changed forever last week. I’m now an addict.

“1 Vs. 100,” the Bob Saget hosted game show has been adapted for the XBOX 360 and is currently the cause for my much needed intervention. This remarkable, interactive video-game-gameshow is the inaugural offering from XBOX Live’s new “Primetime” channel where you can win anything from a free arcade game to a brand new car. All you have to do is play. And play and play and play…

Currently in its Beta testing stage, “1 Vs. 100” is already sparking an imminent revolution. Now, instead of watching TV or playing back your DVR during primetime hours, you can literally become part of a game show in your skivvies in your living room.

Because the game/show/gameshow is only offered a few times every night in 30-minute increments, I find myself constantly jonesing for the opportunity to win a prize by simply knowing that the Al in Al Pacino is short for Alfredo. Amazing!

For those unfamiliar, “1 Vs. 100” pits one contestant against 100 angry pop-culture junkies (aka the mob) in a series of useless knowledge questions. Everytime an individual in the mob gets a questions wrong, they are eliminated and thus the 1 contestant wins biggest if he knocks everyone out.

Playing this “On Air” against 25,000 other prize hungry jackals is exhilarating, mindblowing, any other adjective that exudes frantic button smashing. The bad thing? Sitting through Sprint or “Transformers” commercials every 15 minutes.

By answering questions correctly, quickly and consistently, you are upping your chances to win prizes. But just when you think you’re untouchable, you get a question about protoplasm and suddenly you’re contemplating throwing your controller through the screen.

I’ve played so many times, except I still haven’t won a thing. I just keep playing (or chasing the dragon), brushing up on my knowledge of NBA Playoff history just so that one day, my name is in bright lights on the big screen right next to the word “Winner.”

“1 Vs. 100” is extraordinary, I’ve never experienced anything like it. It’s changing the way video games are presented and at the same times it’s allowing the gamer void of interests to shoot, kill, shoot, kill to broaden their next-gen horizons.

I need help to curb this affliction, but I’m not sure I want it just yet.