Final art show of semester will showcase the work of bachelor of fine arts students


For the last show of the semester, visitors will be able to view artwork that has been created by NIU students at the Jack Olsen Gallery.

Peter Van Ael, gallery coordinator for the School of Art, said the work being exhibited is created by students who are receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree.

“This is an opportunity to share research and projects that students do,” Van Ael said.

The works of art being displayed include illustration, ceramics, photography, fine arts, painting, metalwork and jewelry, print making, sculpturing and drawing.

Van Ael said the gallery has eight exhibitions per year. In the fall, there is also a BFA and graduate show, and throughout the year, guest artists are invited to bring their work to put on display for the public to view.

Students will view the work done by the BFA majors as a way to relax and to appreciate something new.

Siniva Samani, graduate of anthropology, said she appreciates art, especially photography, as she takes photographs of her own. She likes to view others’ works and to get inspiration from the photographs she views.

Samani said the art exhibit will take the pressure off from finals.

“It’s a stress reliever just to go and view something that will take your mind off studying,” Samani said.

Ashley Martin, a graduate of broadcast journalism, said she has an interest in ceramics, which will bring her over to the exhibit.

“Art is very visual, and I am a very visual person,” Martin said.