Forum offers opportunity for students to speak out

By Rick Moreci

Do you have a complaint, comment, concern or compliment for a member of the NIU administration?

You will have your chance to voice them at 9 p.m. tonight in the Grant Towers North C cafeteria.

Representatives from Food Services, the physical plant, University Police, Business and Operations and the Student Association all will be on hand to entertain any of the aforementioned four “c”s.

A representative from the University Police, Capt. Jim Webster, said, “This program is a forum for students to ask questions in areas that they don’t normally get to talk to.”

Webster said an example of a question asked to the UPs last year at this event was, “What can students do to be safer walking the campus streets at night?”

This program is sponsored by the Residence Hall Association (RHA). This program also was held last year and according to those who attended, it was successful. It is being held at GTN because the cafeteria is handicapped accessible.

“I feel it is a good opportunity for people to meet the administrators who make decisions on campus,” said John Jackson, programming vice president of the RHA. “Students get a chance to ask questions to the administrators and may possibly get things accomplished.”

Mike Ruscitti, RHA represenative from Grant North, said, “I would like to see a lot of students attend this event. It gives all students a fair chance to voice their opinions of what they like or dislike to representatives of the administration.”

All students are encouraged to attend this program. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and voice opinions.