Alpha Epsilon Pi observes Holocaust Remembrance Day with Walk to Remember


Students walked in a single file in silence as they battled against the strong winds to get their point across to those who watched Wednesday.

Walk to Remember was the first organized walk by the fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi to remember and memorialize those who are survivors and victims of the Holocaust, said Andrew Rifkin, junior sociology and criminology major and sentinel for Alpha Epsilon Pi.

The walkers wore black T-shirts that had white signs on the front and back that said “never forget.” The group walked from Stevenson Towers through the middle of campus from noon to 1 p.m. as they ended up in the King Memorial Commons where they stopped and answered questions from those who were passing by.

Rifkin said this walk was to inform the public. The walk was in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was Tuesday.

“Many people don’t believe that the Holocaust existed, so this is an ideal way to get our voices heard,” Rifkin said.

Members of the fraternity walked behind each other as they were raising curiosity from those around them.

Nick Barkan, president of Alpha Epsilon Pi, said those who watched asked them questions, and the members walking had one common goal.

“We just want to remember and walk for all those who suffered,” Barkan said.

Cary Wolovick, senior history and political science major, said the Holocaust is important to our history even now, and that people should learn from the past.

“We’re trying to make people aware so they don’t forget the Holocaust in 60 years,” Wolovick said. “We want people to learn so this does not repeat itself.”