Support for class

We are well aware of the controversy and even hostility surrounding the subject of multiculturalism. We would like to take this opportunity to discuss some aspects of this issue. The implementation of a multiculturalism requirement is something we feel is a valid and necessary first step in light of changing demographics and rise of intolerance in America. One class can neither be a total cure nor solution to an ongoing problem, and should not be thought of as such. Rather it should be regarded as part of the continuing process of growth and experience.

Among the arguments brought up to discredit the multicultural movement is that it is a tool to promote political correctness. There is a prevalent fear of “PC” and its brainwashing tactics. Let us assure you that is not and never will be the intent of multiculturalism. Rather the purpose would be to promote a greater sense of respect and appreciation for our neighbors, both on a local and global basis. It is in the intrinsic nature of a university to have a liberalizing effect on its students, but it is not the place nor purpose of multiculturalism to champion one political ideology over another. Open-mindedness does not necessarily mean agreeing but more so understanding and respecting alternate views.

Next let us tackle the issue of whether a multiculturalism requisite merits any value or worth. There is a belief that by the time we are of college age we have procured a mindset that can neither be swayed nor influenced. But the truth is that every experience, positive or negative, does have an effect on you, and does shape the development of the person you are to become. This class is meant to provide a forum for open discussion. It is not meant to force you to change your mind, but instead hopefully it will provide an opportunity to learn that you otherwise might not have had.

Finally bear in mind that this class is still in the research stage. There is NOTHING definite yet. No curriculum has been set and no syllabus has been drawn. We are looking into the feasibility of a mandatory multiculturalism class but nothing has been set in stone. It is shaping out to be a four-year project, and we REALLY want to hear from you. This is a student run movement: of the students, by the students, and for the students. As of now we see this potential class as being more along the lines of EPSE 200 or PHIL 231 rather than a Phillip Morris-sponsored business class. What do you see it as?

In closing remember that the word “university” connotes a Universal Education. Do you think you’ve received one yet?

Jill Pullappally

David Marquez

Student Association Senators