Graduate Film Society gathers to discuss, enjoy variety of movie genres


Last fall, graduate students from the English Department came together and formed a new organization, the NIU Graduate Film Society.

The organization shows a variety of movies, and after the screening a discussion follows.

Anthony Coman, teaching intern and secretary for the NIU Graduate Film Society, said movies are shown in genres, by types such as the upcoming samurai series and by directors.

Coman believes when a movie is watched, the viewer learns more about themselves. He describes film in layers as it’s viewed.

“Film is something taken on a surface level as it is fun and entertaining,” Coman said. “You come away with something, if you think about, is the second layer.”

A diverse audience attends the showings and the discussions. This offers different understandings of the film to the conversation, Coman said. The screenings are open to everyone.

The group has previously shown films such as “The Third Man,” “Interview,” “Blowup” and “The Conversation.” They also showed a director series with Spike Lee films which included, “Do the Right Thing,” “Clockers,” “25th Hour” and “Bamboozled.”

Some students who are interested in film have heard about the group and have thought about attending a meeting to share their ideas about movies.

Ashley O’Bryant, freshman elementary education major, enjoys movies once in a while if the genre of the movie appeals to her.

“I like action movies and if it is up-to-date,” O’Bryant said.

Senior photography major Osbaldo Martinez said the group will give him an opportunity to see movies and have enough time to discuss them.

“I do like movies a lot, but I don’t have the time to see them,” Martinez said.

Coman said in the fall the group is planning to take submissions from students who attend the showings. The group will then show the movie selected by that student who then will get a chance to introduce their movie and lead the discussion after the screening.

After Spring Break, the group plans to show the genre of samurai films.

Films are shown on Wednesdays in Reavis Hall, Room 211 at 3:30 p.m. and Thursdays at Java 101, 901 Lucinda Ave., Suite I, at 3:30 p.m.

For more information about the NIU Graduate Film Society, visit