Some typos

In an effort to remove any doubt from anyone’s mind concerning my comedic genius, I am obligated by conscience to bring to the forefront two mistakes that your dear editor, made—inadvertently, to be sure—in printing my letter of Nov. 2. Reading the actual print, I thought perhaps that I—with my feeble typing skills—might have been the root of the miscues, however, upon close scrutiny, I find my copy devoid of the garrulous goods, and so must make the effort to “correct” them.

First, in my wholly accurate, completely unhyperbolic description of the frightful fumes of the “girls'” john, I mentioned the noxious combination of vomit, Binaca Blast, Aqua-Net, and [the perfume!] Obsession, with a capital O that stands for “Oh, God does that @*!! stink.” (Clears the sinuses, it does.) As the sentence made little sense unless the reader knew this, I make no issue of its lack of capitalization. Second, in an effort to emphasize the actual, life-threatening smell of the place, I mentioned that the residues of the digestive fury of said bulimic female could FELL (F-e-l-l), knock out, bowl over, or otherwise cause unconsciousness in a [6,000 lb.] buffalo, an animal know for mountain-size scats and scent that has been considered for use in biological warfare.

Jen E. Jones

Graduate Student