How crude

It is rare that I feel compelled to write a letter confronting the immature attitudes expressed in The Northern Star, yet two recent cartoons have been too offensive to ignore. Both the cartoon “ABCD Goldfish” and “Spider Gus” are obviously crudely drawn and completely unfunny; however, in Tuesday and Wednesday editions of The Northern Star they crossed the line into blatant offensiveness.

The “ABCD Goldfish” printed in Tuesday’s paper smacked of immature pre-pubescent humor. The idea of gargling with Massengill may be amusing to a group of thirteen year old boys, but it does not even arouse a chuckle from anyone beyond that stage of maturity. I would also suggest to Jon Carreira that if he plans to continue appealing to the adolescent youth of DeKalb that he at least learn to spell Massengill correctly.

Wednesday’s edition of “Spider Gus” sinks to an even lower level than did Tuesday’s “ABCD Goldfish,” if such a feast is imaginable. Adam Bain showed his complete lack of intelligence as well as his insensitivity towards the female half of the population when he drafted this cartoon (and I use the term “cartoon” loosely). His cartoon is a graphic display of his degrading attitude towards women. Yet I am aware that Adam Bain is just a seething heap of human flesh imprisoned by his own ignorance (as evident by his literacy skills), so my anger is directed instead to the editors of The Northern Star. I am appalled that on a campus that strives for equality such works that degrade, demean and humiliate women would be published in a rag sponsored and funded by the university. The Northern Star should seriously reconsider its choice of cartoonists as well as offer an apology to the large proportion of its readers who have been senselessly defiled by such trash. Hopefully in the future a member of The Northern Star staff will see to it that its readers are not needlessly humiliated.

Lisa Marie Taylor


Art History