Reichert quits team


The 1993 football campaign has been a disappointment in many aspects, but for one player the disappointing season came to a premature ending, and not because of an injury.

Ron Reichert is no longer a Huskie quarterback. The 6-foot, 200-pound sophomore left the team the weekend after its 33-19 defeat to the University of Southwestern Louisiana.

“I asked for my release,” said Reichert. “My coaches and I weren’t seeing eye-to-eye.”

Reichert would not say much more because he didn’t want to start any fights.

“I felt I could have played against LA Tech, but they put Bart (Geiser) ahead of me and I just didn’t see any point in me being here,” added Reichert.

Offensive coordinator Joe Dickinson didn’t want to get into it either.

“We just decided to go a different direction at the quarterback position,” said Dickenson. “We were going to go with the best player and at the time it was Geiser. Ron did not take that too well.”

Head coach Charlie Sadler said after discussing different issues on different occasions, the decision was mutual.

“He approached me three or four days after the Southwestern game, and at that time I encouraged him to get back involved with the team,” said Sadler. “Over the next five or six days he apparently decided he didn’t want to make a commitment.”

Sadler agreed some of the problems stemmed from not seeing eye-to-eye. He said there are certain high expectations for every area and things just weren’t the right fit.

“What needs to be clear though is that it has nothing to do with his performance,” said Sadler. “It’s more understanding what our expectations are.

“Everybody has to go their own direction and do what is best for them. There are no hard feelings.”

Reichert finished the season 18-of-43 for 212 yards. He had three interceptions and no touchdown passes, but did score a rushing touchdown against Pacific.

Reichert has not decided what he will do now.

“I’m leaning toward transferring, maybe to Eastern or Western, but I’m thinking about just finishing school (at NIU) since I only have a year-and-a-half left,” he said. “I don’t want to play football here.”

Sadler said Reichert will remain on scholarship for the remainder of the year unless he transfers.

Note: Tuesday’s Northern Star incorrectly identified Aaron Gilbert as a redshirt freshman. It should have stated he is a redshirt transfer. He is a junior who transferred from Illinois Valley Community College. The Star regrets the error.