Stop the slide now

Let us all stop and think about the future one minute. Right now many of you are doing your four or five years of time and getting an education with hopes of going out and making a successful life for yourself. In time, the students of today will be parents of tomorrow, having their own children going through this country’s school system. The question for you to think about is how low will standards be by that time?

It was recently reported that the College of Business at NIU will be lowering its GPA standard for students wishing to enter its college. The reason for this lowering of standards is simple—the college needs more students and it’s not getting enough with the qualifications it currently has. It is no fault of the business college that the standards must be lowered, it is happening everywhere and it does need the students. What good are qualifications if they only get you 10 students?

The lowering of standards, no matter how practical, is a sad comment on the current crop of students who are coming through this country’s school systems.

The way to deal with poorly prepared students should not be to lower the standards. Lowering the standards only proliferates the problem. It is an offense against the student as well as against the system. Giving in to the poor products of our school system will only lead to more problems for this country in the future.

As current students, and future parents, matters such as these should weigh heavy on our minds. When we allow standards to be lowered we allow ourselves and the people who judge us to sell our abilities short. No one wants to be a part of the “generation that let it all go to hell.” If anything we, as a coming of age generation, should fight with all our might to keep and exceed the standards that are put upon us. If we were smart we would demand that our teachers keep our butts close to the scholastic fire.

There should be no shouts of joy at the fact that someone who would have not been admitted into the College of Business before, will be now—instead, there should only be great concern and thought on how to make things better.