Successful semester

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, the Student Association would like to take this opportunity to thank students for their support this semester. This has been an extremely productive and successful four months for the Student Association. Student activism and involvement is alive and well at NIU, as reflection on the past few months will clearly show—that the student voice is being heard loud and clear. It is because of the help and support the Student Association has received that we were able to reach the many goals that we have set for ourselves with such success.

The Student Association has become more accessible to organizations on campus as well as the student body as a whole. We feel it is essential that we join together to confront the issues that face us at NIU. Students must be aware of the issues and their implications in order for us to effectively secure their rights. The Student Association has implemented programs to ensure that this happens. Many of these programs have fallen under the heading of the Student Association Outreach program, which is a comprehensive plan to effectively communicate the business of the Student Association and the issues that are affecting the university. The SA has held numerous president’s meetings for organization presidents, town hall meetings in the residence halls, and senators have gone to organization meetings to inform students on the happenings of the senate.

The SA has also created and implemented several programs this semester for students to gain information ranging from safety on campus to organizational involvement. The second annual Campus Crime Prevention Week, the Organizational Expo as well as a town hall meeting with Rep. Wirsing and Sen. Byrzinski are just a few. In addition, our minority relations adviser has worked hard to provide opportunities for students through his Minority Resume Book, Minority Job Fair and the Minority Writers’ Workshop. We have also revived resources that have laid dormant for years, as we are bringing back the Tenant Union and the publication of teacher evaluations.

The Student Association is also tackling controversial issues. The examination of a multiculturalism requirement for graduation, funding for politically-oriented organizations and possible police harassment in the NIU police force are a few examples. We have also successfully ensured that the Recreation Center Expansion met the needs of the students and that the bus system ran smoothly during the construction at the beginning of the year. We have accomplished all of these goals that we set for ourselves and continue to look toward the last half of the year as a further opportunity to do even more for students.

Next semester look for information on our 25th Anniversary Celebration (yes, the SA is 25 years old!), the annual Housing Bazaar, a voter registration drive, a book listing all available scholarships for students to access as well as the continuation of the programs and policies that we have started this semester. It is clear that we have had an extremely productive and busy semester.

We can all be proud of the achievements of the student body this semester. However, there are still many things that need to be done. Despite the negative attitudes that can arise, we can take steps to increase the quality of our education and the time we spend here at NIU. We are not powerless. Empower yourself and get involved—you will be surprised at the things we can achieve! (DON’T FORGET TO BOYCOTT THE TEACHER EVALUATIONS!)