Students say selling textbooks online brings better bang for a buck


Out with the old, in with the new.

With fall semester coming to an end, students will have a month to get ready for the spring semester. That means old textbooks are out, and new textbooks are in.

But what should students do with their old textbooks?

Many sell back to bookstores on campus such as the Village Commons Bookstore (VCB) or the University Bookstore in the Holmes Student Center, but some choose to sell online at Web sites like and

Reasons for doing either vary.

“I sell my books back to VCB,” said junior nutrition major Ryan Wu. “I never really heard of selling books online.”

Studying with Wu in the Founders Memorial Library was sophomore finance major Vu Vo. Vo has sold online before, but finds it too much of a hassle.

“I sold on Amazon a few years ago, but I don’t like having to drive to the post office and ship it out, so I just sell back to bookstores here,” Vo said.

Just downstairs in the Founders Cafe, senior chemistry major Brian Lattimore couldn’t hold back his anger with bookstores on campus regarding buying back books.

“They rip me off,” Lattimore said. “They put it to me and smile while they do it. They buy it for like $20 and turn around and sell it for $120. What’s with that?”

Lattimore sells and buys on and believes he gets more money for his books when selling and spends less when buying.

“I think the big difference is that people who buy books online are buying to use them, while the bookstores are buying the books to sell them. That’s why you get more money online,” Lattimore said. “It’s like a brotherhood.”

According to, it is recommended to students to sell textbooks during prime-selling months. Sales are highest in August, September, January and February, and sellers will get more money as a result.