Middle-school-aged orchestra performs well at Boutell


An orchestra performed at NIU’s Boutell Memorial Concert Hall Tuesday night, even though most of the members haven’t entered high school yet.

NIU’s Children’s School of the Arts Orchestra, composed of local middle school students and a few quest performers, played a half-hour concert with musical pieces that gave each member the chance to express the sound of their instrument.

The cello and bass bellowed underneath as the violin floated above- one could say almost dancing.

The pieces were complex, held many different melodies that melded together and had contrasting tempos that made the selections intriguing to the listener’s ear.

To add some flare to the concert and to show the talent of the performers, the director stepped away from conducting to play the piano. Without a director to lead them, the orchestra kept its tempo and kept the music balanced and together. The three-movement second piece was a mix of bouncy, toe-tapping, poppy and slow, graceful sounds. The instruments were well-tuned, crisp and could be heard clearly.

The final piece had syncopated rhythms and was the highest level of music for the orchestra’s grade level. It showed how talented the students are at such a young age.