Not intentional

This letter is in response to Rick Moreci’s November 9 article “Primaries conflict with Spring Break.” Obviously, Mr. Moreci did not do his homework before writing this story. State law mandates that primary elections be held on the third Tuesday in March. Poor scheduling had nothing to do with the fact that the primary happens to coincide with Spring Break. A quick check of the state statutes would have shown that the scheduling of the primary was not a cruel plot to prevent students from voting.

Additionally, SA president Abe Andrzejewski stated that “someone in Springfield was not doing his job as far as scheduling that date of this election.” He also said that “the current situation [election date] is a manifestation of that lack of respect” by elected representatives. Perhaps if Mr. Andrzejewski had bothered to do a little research prior to making such outrageous claims he would not have sounded so foolish. I do not deny that our elected representatives need to pay more attention to higher education. I do, however, suggest that people stop worrying about the existence of a grand conspiracy against students and instead, contact their elected officials about their concerns.

Susan Johnson

Graduate Student

Political Science