The hesitancy that NIU professors are expressing upon releasing their student evaluations clearly shows the realization that they are not doing their jobs.

Yes, it is quite a sad day when those to whom we’re paying our tuition cowardly cringe in the corner in hopes to avoid the surfacing of the cold truth. The truth that comes straight from their own students. These evaluations are not sacred “privileged” information as NIU faculty seems to think. If anything, these evaluations are the key to delivering quality instructors and professors to the paying student body at NIU. But, as we all know, quality education comes at a higher cost, and this could be the sole reason that NIU has avoided the issue of publishing its faculty evaluations. If the students don’t know their instructors can’t teach before signing up for the class, what will it hurt us? Whether this is the train of thought NIU holds I don’t know, but let’s face it … if the majority of faculty at NIU felt they were giving a quality education to their students they would be jumping at the chance to publish, and tell the world what wonderful faculty they were. But, because this does not seem to be happening, the only conclusion that comes to mind is that NIU is made up of a bunch of unqualified, selfish, poor excuses for instructors and professors. Too bad that it’s the students who are paying for it.

Leslie Minasian