From abroad

I have just seen a copy of your article of Nov. 2 on the travels of President John La Tourette, which criticizes his activities and travel expenses. Living abroad, I was impressed by the economy of his travels in Europe.

Seen from abroad, the criticism is unfair. In this era of international trade the experience and exposure of NIU students to other cultures and civilizations will be essential for the rest of their lives. A glance at today’s headlines with emphasis on a North American Common Market and with a reorientation to Asia and the Pacific indicates how much the world changes and how students on campus must be educated beyond Illinois.

For the president of a relatively unknown Midwestern university to appear in person to advocate education for his students is essential, since only the major eastern American universities are known to European rectors. NIU is to be congratulated for its initiative and leadership.

Herbert Maza

Executive Member

Association of

International Colleges

and Universities