‘Superjail’ a total waste of fifteen minutes


Adult Swim has brought many nights of laughter for me.

Its shows are hilarious and definitely rated towards an 18+ audience. Although some of the shows that air on Adult Swim are slightly confusing, I just so happened to catch a show the other night called “Superjail,” and I feel that it was a total waste of fifteen minutes.

There seemed to be about a million or so plot lines going on and I found myself sitting there with the most confused look on my face as my friends and I tried to figure it out.

After looking it up online, “Superjail” is about a prison with sudden shifts in plot and setting and contains graphic violence.

Really, though, that description lacks in giving the viewer any sort of insight about the show. I was lost.

It almost makes you think what the producers of shows must be thinking when they’re writing the scripts and outlines for these types of shows. No wonder they don’t start until after hours.

Maybe the creators are smoking too much weed? Kidding. But it almost does make you wonder, right?

In certain respects, it almost makes me wonder what attracts people to these shows. The absurdness and randomness is borderline insane.

I give the viewers credit though. My friends and I could barely make it through the episode of “Superjail” without questioning our sanity.

If someone can explain this show to me, please do, because I’m sure others are just as confused as I was.

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