Flashy effects, big budget not always better for concerts


What’s more entertaining when it comes to seeing a concert?

Big, flashy lights and costumes or a more simplistic, intimate setting? I guess it’s up to the individual, but personally, I prefer a more intimate setting.

Why are theatrics needed to enlighten a show? Yes, they’re entertaining and constitute for a good show, but sometimes they become almost too much and distract from the music itself.

Entertainment is defined as “amusement” and “adventurous.” So, in a way, it would make sense for flashy lights and costume changes, but, again, is it really needed?

I know that ticket prices skyrocket when artists perform with a theatrical setting, and with the economy as it is right now, can the consumer really afford it?

I’ve been to concerts where the stage is set up in such a way so that the artist is able to dance around and perform, and I’ll admit that I’ve had a good time doing so, I just don’t think it’s a necessity. The audience is there for the music and that’s the way it should be.

Speaking of the economy, does the music industry really have the funds to create such extravagant performances? Okay, so they probably do, but on the other hand, does the consumer have the money to actually GO to the performances? Less expensive is always better.

And does it really matter what the artist is wearing the night of the concert? Maybe. To the fashionista’s out there, it does, but to the average “joe-schmo,” I don’t think it does.

In my personal opinion, in this type of situation, we can use the old saying, “less is more.”