Temperatures begin to drop in DeKalb


About a month into the fall season, average temperatures in DeKalb have dropped and the winter coats come out.

Staff meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste projects that by the end of October, DeKalb will see the average high temperatures decline to 50 degrees.

“We’re pretty much at the temperature drop already. Our average high temperature has dropped into the upper 50s, and by the end of the month it will drop to about 50 degrees,” Sebenste said.

The temperature is predicted to fall quickly in about two weeks, and by the end of November to an average high of 39 degrees. That is when most leaves will fall, too.

Temperatures have been high as of late, however, since the first frost of the season has not arrived yet and is usually expected around the first week of October.

“Usually at this point, we hit the freezing mark and that’s significant because until we get a good killing frost, the growing season is still going on,” Sebenste said.

Sebenste explained that the delay in the frost is not unusual since there have been delays of a few weeks in the past. He expects the frost to come in the next week.

Some students welcome the change in the season.

“I like it when it’s colder,” said junior philosophy major Rashad Abdul-Rahmaan. “Every season

has it’s own beauty, like in the fall when there’s a change in the color of the trees and vegetation, and in the wintertime when the snow’s covering the landscape is nice, too.”

Others lament the loss of summer.

“I miss the summer weather because the cold is depressing,” said sophomore psychology major Christina Sykes-Stanfield. “You have to buy new coats, new boots and it just sucks.”