Santana wants to be a minister


Ever wonder why musicians change career paths? Some switch to acting, others stay at home to raise their kids. Not Carlos Santana, though.

At the age of sixty-one, soulful-rocker Santana is still cranking out the tunes, but is planning his retirement from the music industry at age sixty-seven. Santana claims he wants to become a minister in Hawaii and that his faith has carried him through his low points and has driven him to this decision.

I stumbled upon this information online and it got me thinking about the reasons musicians want to change their career paths. In the cases where actors and actresses want to become musicians, or vice versa, maybe they’re just trying to broaden their career and gain more fame. Who knows?

As for Santana, maybe after performing for so many years and getting up there in age, he’s ready to settle himself down and bring his religion forth for others.

Smooth, Santana.