New Ani DiFranco album needs more spice


Ani DiFranco’s most recent album, “Red Letter Year”, is a striking, captivating album with true indie-rock sound.

“Red Letter Year” is composed of slow, melodic sounds and poetic lyrics. The opener and title track to “Red Letter Year” starts off with acoustic guitar, piano and a simple drum beat. The song has a very light, trance-like sound.

“Alla This” is a unique track because the sounds of the guitar, drums, bass and keyboards intertwine and are very layered. Most of the tracks on this CD are similar in sound.

Later on in the album, “Emancipated Minor” gives the listener a more upbeat, faster tempo, which changes the structure of the album, but not enough to make it diverse.

“Good Luck” starts with a deep sound with heavy keyboard filtered in and a tempo change in the middle of the song. DiFranco’s lyrics are strong throughout.

DiFranco lets loose in the last track, “Red Letter Year Reprise,” by adding in trumpet, saxophone and many other instruments. It almost throws the listener off-track because of the sudden switch in sounds.

“Red Letter Year” shows off DiFranco’s powerful voice and indie-rock sounds, but needs a little more spice to bring the listener all the way through.