Chamber and University Choir plays to big crowd Wednesday


NIU’s Chamber and University Choirs performed at the Boutell Memorial Concert Hall on

Wednesday night.

The evening was filled with songs that filled the concert hall with a deep, full hum that echoed all the way to the last row of seats. The excitement of the director from each choir was equally reciprocated by the performers. Their words were enunciated well, and they obtained a blissfully harmonious sound.

The University Choir added piano, bells and some percussion to its selections; an interesting addition. Most of its songs were sang in foreign languages, but despite uncertainty of the words, the choir captured a well-balanced, well-blended sound that showcased the different sections of the choir. Some of the selections included portions where the tenors and basses would perform, followed by the sopranos and altos. Slow to medium tempos graced these songs which allowed for the choir’s pure and crisp voices to fill the audience’s ears.

Next up was the larger Concert Choir. It too, like the University Choir, graced the audience with melodic blending of voice and layered sound. The Concert Choir followed through its performance with heightening crescendos and lowering decrescendos. These pieces were a bit longer than those of the University Choir and had more of a vocal range within them.

The performance of both choirs showcased the immense talent of all of those who sang and provided way for a peaceful and highly enjoyable night.