Seminar to ease decision

By Abraham J. Miller

To gain practice at giving people the third degree, or to fulfill your suppressed urges of objecting to everything you hear, you have to go to law school.

Although the thought of answering those deep soul-searching questions on the applications may seem arduous, a seminar today could help.

The seminar will be taking place from 6 to 9 p.m. today in the Holmes Student Center’s Clara Sperling Sky Room. It is being done for the first time and is primarily devoted to helping individuals interested in applying to law school. But anyone even remotely interested in the law field is encouraged to attend.

In regards to what students were concerned most about when it came to applying to law school, Leah Gaudette, the seminar leader and second-year law student here at NIU, said she thinks it is which law school to apply to, what to write in the personal question section and budgeting the money for the extra education.

Gaudette said, “Students often want to apply to the big law schools first and then to others as safety nets.” She said you should want to pick one with your future personal interests in mind.

Gaudette graduated from the University of Texas in Dallas with a B.A. in general studies and a major in law—family and society. While an undergraduate, Gaudette worked with pre-law advising and held seminars on the same subject to groups of about 50 to 100, many of whom felt very good about the program, she said.

Gaudette said she knows at least twelve students that are attending prestigious law schools like Harvard, Stanford and University of Texas at Austin who attended her seminars.

When asked what people could do if they cannot attend the seminar, she said interested persons could leave messages for her through Student Association Speaker Harry Kontos, at 753-0482.

The seminar is being sponsored by the Model Illinois Government, the political science fraternity Phi Sigma Zeta, and the pre-law opportunity program.