‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ is must-watch TV


Due to a busy schedule, I don’t watch much TV.

However, when I find time to finally sit down and relax, I always find myself channeling into TLC to watch “Jon and Kate Plus 8.”

What’s so interesting about a reality show based on a family with a set of twins and sextuplets? It’s the fact of how interesting it is to see how the couple can successfully handle eight kids under the age of ten simultaneously. That scenario would drive me insane.

Jon and Kate Gosselin were overwhelmed with joy when they gave birth to a set of twins, Mady and Cara. A few years later, the couple wanted one more child, but ended up with six.

The sextuplets consist of three boys: Collin, Aaden and Joel, and three girls: Alexis, Leah and Hannah. TLC documents their lives as Jon and Kate endure living an organic lifestyle (Kate doesn’t believe in eating “junk” food), trips to the dentist, family vacations and even an ordinary day at home.

The couple does have some help from family and friends, but it’s still interesting to see Jon and Kate handle their eight children and give them every ounce of love they have.