‘Top 40’ radio needs different artists


“Top 40” radio.

It seems like every time I listen to the radio, no matter what the station, I’m hearing the same songs over and over. This bothers me. Yes, some of the songs that are played on the radio are enjoyable, but why can’t lesser-known bands be played? There are so many bands that are trying to get their name out to a mass audience and radio is one way of doing so. But, with “Top 40” playing the same circulation of songs, all the time, no one is able to hear these bands that could be a huge hit.

It almost makes me wonder what constitutes a song for “Top 40.” What makes a song popular? The artist? The sound? How much money the station will bring in? Who knows. Even if you decide to call and make a request for a song, the station either doesn’t answer, doesn’t know who you’re talking about, or says that they’ll play the song and never do.

What is the music industry coming to? I’m not saying that I don’t listen to major-label bands, because I do. I just feel that a lot of times, the industry is trying to make a “hit,” and only promote what will gain a profit.

It’s unfair to the bands working day-in and day-out to create a following.