New Nano comes with exciting features


Technology is constantly evolving. Products are released and within a year or so, become obsolete. This is the case with the new Apple iPod Nano.

A year ago, Apple released an updated version of its popular iPod Nano. This Nano had a shorter, more box-like shape compared to the original, and was available in a variety of new colors.

The features of last year’s Nano were similar to that of the original, but had the capability to play video, as well as music. Everything else was the same, including the memory options of 4GB or


On Sept. 9, Apple brought its buyers another, even more updated version of the Nano. This new version, available in 8GB and 16GB, gives consumers the availability to store more music and video. Compared to last year’s upgrade, the latest is available in nine colors, is made of aluminum and has a larger screen.

There are several distinct features that make this Nano stand out from those before it.

“Cover Flow” is a feature where one is able to flip through album covers to select songs more easily. “The Genius” feature finds songs in the music library that sound good together and creates a playlist, just by pressing the center button.

“Shake to Shuffle” is what the title implies; simply shake the iPod and it shuffles to a different song. By rotating the iPod, video can be viewed horizontally and vertically.

Those who have previously purchased an iPod Nano may be wondering if they’ll need any new software for the revamped version, but new software is unnecessary.

Apple enables all of its iPods to work with a USB cable, which will work with most computers. The same file types that were used with previous Nanos are still compatible, and used for the new iPod.

In all reality, where can Apple go after this? What more can be added to an iPod, or iPhone, to make it more superior to the products before it? Technology is continually expanding, no matter how small.