Questions arise

I am writing response to the article published in The Northern Star on Nov. 16, 1993. The article was entitled “Christopher plans trip to mediate Israel-PLO accord.”

As a Palestinian, many questions were raised in my mind about the article. The first question is addressed to the second paragraph. It stated the accord was in danger of ending because of Palestinian attacks on Jewish residents. In my mind this translates into “be good little Palestinians or no self-determination!” I would be the first to say that I have a bias concerning these situations because of personal experiences yet I feel strongly that the article only adds to the already enormous ignorance concerning the Palestinian situations.

My second question is addressed to the last two paragraphs. In the second to last paragraph, it is stated Yasser Arafat has “been implicated” in the slaying of a Jewish settler. I am in no way trying to deny the allegation, but I as a reader have the right know what these allegations were based on. I (we) was given no information. A powerful statement was made and yet no evidence was written to support it.

The last paragraph goes on to say that Yasser Arafat condemned the killing but the Israeli cabinet ministers said the “statement was insufficient.” Again a powerful statement was made and no information was given.

As a reader, I feel I did not get the whole story concerning this article. Perhaps if all journalists took the responsibilities of reporting ALL the facts, much of our ignorance would not exists in many area.

Sandra Rafeedie

Graduate Student

First Year