“They’ve got a team this year. I’ll go easy on you guys and say 31-17. LeShon will just barely get 100 yards, I’ll say between 99-103.”

John Dietz-“Scott Crabtree will be a bit off-key in the first quarter, but after that, if NIU is still within a touchdown—watch out. I understand how strong the Rebels’ defense is this year, but a cool, confident offense should be able to get the job done. The problem stems from the defense. NIU gives opponents too much room to find a hole and that is the primary reason why the teams in Iowa scored 54 points each. They must put immense pressure on the quarterback and really rattle the entire offense for NIU to come away with a season ending victory that could erase so many nightmares. Oh, a prediction? NIU 24 Ole‘ Miss 22—the other major upset of the day.

Kris Felde-“LeShon Johnson will be held to 50 yards in the first half but will unleash his strength in the third and fourth quarters as he ends the season with 2,142 yards. Ole’ Miss 31 NIU 24.