No a mistake

Karen Craven writes that requiring students to take a class to fulfill a multiculturalism requirement is a mistake. She goes on to say that people who do not want to pay attention in the class or do not want to learn something now will remain ignorant by their own choice.

Ms. Craven then “proves” her point by stating that she took a class called Women in Contemporary America to fulfill the interdisciplinary requirement, and hated it.

If she followed the pattern she is accusing other students of falling into, she would then learn nothing from the class and remain ignorant. But, miraculously, Ms. Craven is immune to the bigotry she purports other students of having. She instead learns to accept someone else’s views and lifestyle. In other words, this class requirement opened her eyes in the way she apparently has decided will not work for other ignorant students. Had this class not been required, Ms. Craven would not have taken it and remained as ignorant at the rest of us.

Requiring a multiculturalism class may indeed reduce ignorance, just as the interdisciplinary class reduced Ms. Craven’s ignorance.

Janice Wawerski