Call it quits

He should have gone through with it.

Unfortunately Sen. Bob Packwood’s ego was just too large to allow him to do the right thing—resign.

It was reported Monday that it was leaks of his resignation which deterred the senator in his decision to call it quits.

The saga of Sen. Packwood is known to most people by now. Since winning re-election last year, over two dozen women have come forward accusing him of sexual harassment and conducting himself in a less than honorable manner while in their presence.

The accusations brought heated debate concerning whether the senator’s diaries should be confiscated by the Senate Ethics Committee for investigation of his conduct. The Ethics Committee won the debate and it looks as though the diaries will be theirs.

Then last week Packwood was served a subpoena by the Justice Department for possible misuse of office.

The rumors then started that Packwood was calling it quits. Well now he’s back. Packwood says he has a better chance to defend himself while in the Senate.

The question then comes to mind—if he’s in the senate spending his time defending his best interests, who is in the senate working for the best interests of the people of Oregon?

He does have a right to defend himself but it would be best done to take this whole case outside of the Senate. The many investigations being conducted are taking up valuable time from senators. The senators’ time should be spent on important things instead of on worrying about “hot lips, quick hands” Packwood.

Save us all some grief senator and just go home.