Columnist’s claims as libertarian are misguided


I’ve been reading Matt Paul’s columns throughout the semester and find the latest one on the GOP interesting. Like me, Matt claims to be a libertarian but seems to have an interest in the Republican party as well. However, he seems so anti-Christian and anti-religious that that seems to trump his “libertarian” views. The “religious right” is not what is damaging the Republican party; it’s the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) that are. RINOs control the NIU College Republicans and the GOP of Illinois. They are identical to Democrats and promote big government regularly. Why doesn’t Matt condemn RINOs like he does Christians?

I’ve read Matt’s complaints about creationism being taught in public schools. Besides the facts that evolution is only an unproven theory and creationism is very scientifically plausible, why should we have public schools in the first place? A true libertarian would be fighting for a separation of school and state, not pushing for government-controlled schools that teach evolution only. If Matt really adhered to libertarian principals, he’d push for a separation of school and state and separation of business and state, not just a separation of church and state.

Ted McCarron


President NIU College Republicans 1994-1995