Concert dilemmas

The Campus Activities Board couldn’t win this weekend—no matter what action they chose to take.

The board faced a tough dilemma when the bands Radiohead and Belly demanded the reserved seating at Saturday night’s concert be removed. If the seating wasn’t taken out, the bands would hit the road. Just like spoiled children, they got their way.

This left fans who had waited hours for reserved tickets pining away with the rest of the crowd that had gathered to buy general admission tickets.

“Fans just have to realize that these things are related to the nature of the business,” says Pam Morin, the director of the CAB Concert Committee. Unfortunately, Morin pinned the tale right on the donkey.

If CAB had not given in to the bands’ demands, students would have been even more angered at the fact there was no concert.

But some things could have been done differently from the beginning to avoid the whole situation. The reserved seating was written into the agreement between the bands and CAB. But, according to Morin, the road managers weren’t let in on that little tidbit. Whose fault is that?—Certainly, not CAB’s.

If the bands are going to agree to a performance, they should make sure they meet eye to eye on every aspect with their representative agency.

There is one thing that CAB should have looked at a little closer. Morin says the Holmes Student Center strongly recommends chairs for large concerts and that’s why reserved tickets were sold. But she also says that during past concerts of this type these chairs were removed by the fans themselves.

It would have been easier and even safer to not use the chairs at all. There is no way for security to keep every person from standing up and going wild at concerts. When this happens, people get bumped around and it’s easy for someone to fall onto or over a chair.

Since CAB knows from past experience that the crowd doesn’t use the chairs, they should have eliminated them all together. By doing so, the whole spoiled band fiasco could have been avoided.