Fraternity enjoys aiding community

By Grant Miller

The Delta Upsilon fraternity had a very busy weekend. Along with their Tootsie Roll drive on Friday, the fraternity also helped a DeKalb resident move out of her apartment.

Members of the fraternity helped a disabled DeKalb resident move out of her high-rise apartment on Saturday. The resident will be moving to Iowa and sought the help of NIU students to assist her.

The resident originally called the university to contact Sigma Phi Epsilon, who had helped her out before. When Sigma Phi Epsilon was unable to assist her due to prior engagements, they told her to contact Delta Upsilon.

“We are really thankful that Sig Eps called us for this,” House president Jerry Edwards said. “I’m glad that when they couldn’t do it, they thought of calling us.”

The fraternity has a history of helping out various charities. This past fall 60 house members participated in Barbland construction and helped paint the Sycamore Children’s Center. The Fraternity has also helped the Newman Center care for the homeless. House members agree they find helping people enjoyable.

“We don’t mind doing construction work like at Barbland,” Edwards said. “When we really help people, like at the Newman Center, we find it really satisfying.”

Fraternity members feel that this kind of fraterni work benefits all those involved.

“This volunteer work gives people a different view of the Greek system,” house volunteer Brett Herman said. “I think some people have a negative view of Greek life. Hopefully things like this will change some opinions.”

Herman said the class EPSE 200 got him involved in such activities. “It really showed me what things can be done for your community,” he said.

Herman said although he does not intend to go into a career of community service, he does intend to continue working on such projects in the future. “I really feel everyone needs to do something for their community,” he said.

The house also plans to continue working on these kinds of community service projects. “We never have a hard time getting guys to help out on these projects,” Edwards said. “Usually we have plenty of guys who are more than willing to help out.”