Yet again, The Northern Star wins hands down over any supermarket tabloid by printing a ridiculous not to mention tasteless story on their front page Monday morning. Homecoming news? World events? Guess again. Some guy that prefers to watch “Seinfeld” in a public area of a residence hall in the buff.

To make matters worse, your editorial board makes Ryan a hero and the housing staff, once again, the villains. First, the idea that officials in Neptune Hall want to remove Ryan is pure speculation on your part. If they wanted to remove him from Neptune, I’m sure they could find him a less than convenient move during mid-semester to another hall. They don’t need the police for this.

While it is obvious there is some tension between Ryan and the Neptune Hall staff, you cannot expect the staff to adopt the old adage, “Ignore it and it will go away.” If someone sits nude in a public area, then that someone should EXPECT to be arrested, residence hall or not.

Perhaps Ryan is looking for attention. Perhaps he is trying his best to annoy hall officials. It’s none of our business. Whatever his motives may have been, you have just reinforced his behavior by slapping it on the front page. Remember that “ignoring” the matter column, or maybe the next place Ryan may decide to bare it all is in your office. Who knows? That one might hit the header of the Sun-Times.

K.W. Helmick

Graduate Student

Mathematical Sciences