Seminar to aid in choices

By Maria Tortorello

After completing undergraduate school, students face tough decisions, like whether or not to continue their education.

In order to clear up any unanswered questions that might get in the way of the final decision, NIU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming is sponsoring an admissions workshop.

The workshop will give information on how to get into law school, the MBA program and the graduate school of choice.

The workshop is from 5 to 6 p.m. and from 7 to 8 p.m. Thursday in the Illinois Room North in the Holmes Student Center.

The workshop will include guest speaker David Waldherr, president of Cambridge Educational Services in New York.

If Waldherr cannot attend the workshop, one of his associates from the Chicago branch of the company will take his place.

The speaker will be discussing decisions, test scores and applications.

Under the topic of decisions, the speaker will talk about such techniques as gathering information required for admission, when a student should apply for graduate school and how to maximize the chances of getting accepted.

The subject of test scores will include discussions such as the Graduate Requirement Exam, a grade-point average index and test strategies.

The application segment of discussion will include such topics as how to write the personal statement, or essay part of the application, and what extracurricular activities to include.

Steven Johnson, director of External Programming in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, said the workshop is open to everyone.

He said the workshop usually attracts about 20 to 30 people.

“Many seniors attend, and juniors who want to get an early start on planning attend as well,” he said.

People from the DeKalb community also are welcome to attend.

“Some people from the community who get out into the working world and decide to go back to school have a hard time getting information,” Johnson said.

Waldherr has been the guest speaker at the workshop for the past six years.