AIESEC speaker to offer tips on time management

By Kim Harris

Students having trouble juggling their time and activities might want to listen to and meet speaker Dean Carroll from Priority Management.

The Association of International Students Interested in Economics and Commerce (AIESEC) is hosting Carroll at 9:15 tonight in Wirtz Hall Room 321.

According to Maribeth McGuire, vice president of public relations for AIESEC, Carroll’s presentation is on time management and is titled “Organize or Agonize.” The presentation is free to all NIU students.

“We try to get our speakers to speak on current topics,” McGuire said, “things that are happening now.”

McGuire said AIESEC hosts a different speaker every other week. Students are encouraged to meet with the speakers personally because students can then use the speakers as job references.

AIESEC is a student-run organization affiliated with the NIU Marketing Department. The organization has been an active organization at NIU for 31 years.

McGuire said AIESEC is the second largest non-profit organization in the nation next to the Red Cross. It holds a seat with the United Nations. NIU’s AIESEC chapter also has been nominated for best public relations in the nation.

AIESEC is organized at 74 universities throughout the United States. It has 51 members at the NIU chapter and 74,000 members worldwide.

“We are a very laid-back group,” McGuire said. “But it is working. It’s not some fluke organization.”

According to McGuire, AIESEC’s main focus is to raise credits so it can provide NIU students with internships at major companies. AIESEC receives a credit every time it matches a student to a company. Credits then are used to help other students receive internships.

McGuire said AIESEC becomes associated with the companies who sponsor interns in the following way. AIESEC’s public relations committee sells the organization to a business. Once a meeting is set up, the marketing committee goes into the business and makes a presentation.

“We try to provide a cultural understanding through a business context,” McGuire said.

AIESEC is affiliated with many major companies including AT&T, MCI, American Express and McDonald’s.

Students interested in joining AIESEC can contact the AIESEC office for more information at 753-0582.