On nudist …

“Once again, Northern Star, you have disappointed me, instead of concentrating on important issues in the world and on campus, you focus in on a piddle, one sided propaganda item of Tom Ryan and a nudist. Why don’t you guys get off your soapbox and do some real reporting?”

“I just want to say free speech. Free Tom.”

“I’m calling in reference to the article and editorial on the nudist Tom Ryan. I as well as my friends are angered by the Star and their one-sided, completely biased story. I’m a resident of Neptune Hall and I am offended by the nudist actions. All he is is a perverted old man who does not belong in this environment. If one resident on that floor feels uncomfortable about the situation, action should be taken. And I happen to know many people who are offended which none of your so-called reporters talked to. I hope in the future the Star does a better job and tells the whole unbiased story.”

“I think the Star only told one side of the story in regards to the nudist.”

“Great story about the NIU nudist in Monday’s paper. You know with Halloween coming up, I wonder how many couples are going to go as Tom Ryan and Margaret Phillips. Does anyone know where I can get a black wig and a cheap innertube?”

“I’d like to compliment Matt Gilbert on an excellent job in the handling a tricky story—the uncoverable story of the celebrated Tom Ryan and his nudity. Just one nit to pick, the photo caption never identified which was the NIU grotesque.”

On cartoons …

“Two things, number one the “Spider Gus” cartoon on Oct. 18 was disgusting, number two the next time The Northern Star chooses to use the correct Greek letter, use Kappa Alpha Psi, not Kappa Alpha Phi.”

“Yes, adding a wonderful character from a funny strip like ‘Bob McBob’ is not going to make the terrible ‘ABCD Goldfish’ any funnier. Mr. Carreira, don’t quit your day job.”

“I just want to say thank you to those staff, faculty and individuals who try to help students achieve a positive college experience. This is an institution that is suppose to help us meet our goals, yet I can’t help but feel cheated when advisers and staff in various departments do nothing but discourage us and put obstacles in the way. You’re suppose to help us and not impede upon our goals. I for one am sick of being given the runaround in this university.”

On CAB …

“CAB did an excellent job getting PRIMUS and Radiohead and Belly up here and for that I will be ever grateful because they are two of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. Secondly it is not CAB’s fault about what happened with the bands on Saturday. It had only to do with the bands decisions to pull the chairs. CAB, keep up the great work. We love you; we appreciate you.”

“I just think that CAB has done an awesome job. I had a great time at both shows, and I think that people should be thankful that we even have a committee like them. And we don’t get any money for programming.”

On the paper …

“Why does The Northern Star print a picture of John La Tourette every time there is a story about him in the paper. I think is a bit ridiculous. The Tribune doesn’t print a little picture of President Clinton on every single story he has. If people don’t know what La Tourette looks like by now then they don’t care.”

On football …

“I’d like to say that I wish coach Sadler would put in Rick Dodge and Scott Freedmen in the defense’s secondary because other teams seem to be picking apart our defenses’ backs and maybe if he put them in, they might be able to correct the situation.”

Miscellaneous …

“Isn’t it funny that the maintenance crew in the residence halls only cleans the showers in the bathrooms between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. Wouldn’t you think that’s the time where there’s the most traffic … . By the way, I love the maintenance crew, I just think the schedule is screwy.”

“I’m calling to urge students to attend the Illinois Board of Higher Education legislative hearing. This is a very important subject for students to be aware of and to show their support for NIU and that they are aware of the issues that are facing us in the state.”

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